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Now let's talk about trends, this is really important in 2020.

Trends 2020. US Version.

4 trends that shape the marketing of the future: key theses from the ENGAGE IAB UK conference

The main topics that the global advertising community discussed on Engage 2020 +, exclusive comments from the head of the British IAB.

June 7, London hosted the Engage conference - the main annual event of the British representation of IAB. The leaders of the advertising platform All in One Media visited the conference and talked with the head of IAB UK, John Mew (Jon Mew) about the main digital trends of this year.

The Engage conference is a very tight and concise one-day excursion into what is happening in the digital market of the UK and Europe. Among several thousand listeners are representatives of the largest agencies (MindShare, Publicis, Zenith and others), advertisers, and niche companies that provide services for targeted advertising, social networking, buing, programmatic placement and more. What is especially interesting, many niche companies work not only with online, but also with offline solutions.

1. GDPR walks around the planet: who did not have time, he lost

This year, one of the key topics was the GDPR - a new regulation for the protection of personal data of EU citizens (including Great Britain). It came into force very recently - on May 25 - and completely changes the rules of the game on the field of work with personal data, and not only in advertising. Why is it so important to know about European regulations in Russia? It's simple - this document is not limited to the territory of the EU, but is designed to protect the citizens of the European Union in the online space in any country. So, it will affect the digital-market at the global level.

Jon Mew Head of the British IAB
"The GDPR is called the most important document that the digital advertising industry has ever faced. One of the biggest consequences is that the regulations affect organizations around the world, not just those working in the EU. Discussions about GDPR are being conducted in Canada, Australia, East Asia, Latin America, Russia and not only. And now there is no reason to believe that they will soon cease. "

Representatives of the platform for native advertising Triplelift analyzed what has changed in the work of publishers after the entry into force of the regulations. The key conclusion of the study is that the largest premium publishers have adapted the fastest to the changes. Their legal teams have studied the new rules and prepared necessary agreements with users in advance. The quality of the audience of such media, its loyalty and high level of trust allowed publishers to quickly obtain the necessary consent from the majority of users.

The most affected were DSP / SSP platforms that work with data that they do not collect themselves. This means that they do not have direct operational communication with users and they simply can not get their consent. Not having time to restructure, many platforms essentially reduced the volume of equipment provided to the market.

Since May 25, the UK market in just one week has lost more than 60% of the impressions. Approximately the same figures - in France, Germany and Italy.

Of all the discussions on the topic of the GDPR at the conference, after several meetings and conversations with representatives of the European market on the sidelines, we within the All in One Media team identified several main trends and forecasts:

RTB-market will continue to work with violations of the new regulations, since I have not yet found a way to quickly rebuild. But everyone understands that in the near future violators will begin to monitor and punish. Large companies in this segment already react, small ones continue to work with violations while there is such an opportunity.

2. Who are the Destroyers and when will the Era of the Consumer come?

The Facebook team, represented by Vanessa Fitzgerald, presented a report on Disruptors. These are companies that break the canons of classical business schemes and create something fundamentally new. For example, at one time the destroyers were Uber and Airbnb, who created not just a new business format, but a fundamentally new approach. Against the background of Uber's success, even the term "verification" appeared.

To become a Destroyer, you do not have to be a global giant - in your report, Vanessa Fitzgerald also talked about small local companies (FOOD, Deliveroo, Hello Fresh, HARRY'S, Simba, Heist, Birchbox and others).

Destroyers build their business on three new whales, three M: Mobile (mobile environment), Measurement (measurability), Millenialls (millenials). According to Vanessa, now in business not the strongest and smartest survive, but those who can best adjust their business to a rapidly changing environment. The future is for companies that will study their niche and audience more deeply and thoroughly. In this approach, the user and his interests are key.

Jon Mew Head of the British IAB
"Our task as an industry is to make the user experience better. The key challenge for brands for the next 5 years is to improve the quality of interaction between the audience and the brand, understanding what the consumer actually wants, his needs and desires.


One of the most anticipated guests of the conference were the creators of the acclaimed HQ Trivia quiz app. She was the prototype for the Russian game "Clover" in Russia, which launched "VKontakte" in conjunction with the team of Ivan Urgant.

A huge audience, reaching up to several million people in Europe and America, which the organizers collected, without investing either the euro in advertising, literally stirred up the advertising market. Where is that missing element, the magic button that will save you from the million-dollar injections into the promo service? Representatives of the new media trend told that the secret was very simple: creating a game, they relied on the elementary human need, and simply transferred it to the digital environment. Such unsolved niches, they say, are still many. You just need to think about what the majority needs, and build a path to this through the tools familiar to the new generation.

3. A house that is smarter than us

Unruly presented its approach to a world in the center of which is the desire of the consumer. And sometimes, some of which he himself does not yet know. Unruly create ecosystems like "Smart House", in which all possible personal and household digital devices are connected. These are, for example, home theater control systems, light, sound, music, integration of baby monitors, sleep analyzers, climate control, robot assistants, automatic ordering of products and much more. Immediately recalled recently announced Yandeks.Stantsiya, which once again confirms that the trend has already become global.

Unruly is working to integrate these devices into a single functional ecosystem in which brands can organically exist and promote themselves. And this is not just talk - the company has already begun to equip premium-class apartments in London.

Advertising communication should be relevant to the time, place and even personal characteristics and mood of the user. There comes an era of a new level of personalization, a real Consumer Era, where it dictates brands, what to do and how to act.

Let's see how it works, for example: the sleep analysis system can offer to buy an orthopedic mattress, air conditioning or thick curtains. Can advise BAD for fast falling asleep or even the doctor for consultation. And ordering your favorite products for a week can not even be "one click", and generally without a click - by voice or by a signal from a smart refrigerator that the product is over.