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Instead of verbalizing as humans would with speech balloon, Snoopy, Garfield, and some of the other animal characters in both of the strips instead use thought balloons to convey messages. This tactic allows for the relationship between human and animal to be ambiguous, as it may not be clear if the human can understand what the animal is thinking. In both strips, animal characters are shown to converse with each other through their thought balloon dialogue. When the Peanuts specials were adapted for television, producers opted to not verbalize Snoopy's thoughts through voice acting, instead opting to have him communicate his feelings in a pantomime fashion. The only exceptions to this are in the animated adaptions of the stage musicals You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Snoopy! The Musical, where Snoopy's inner monologue is voice acted. Another way Snoopy has communicated in various Peanuts animated works, as well as in the original comic strip, is when Snoopy makes use of a typewriter, with the resulting text often visible to the viewer; Snoopy Come Home features an example of this. The ambiguous relation between Garfield and his owner, Jon Arbuckle, inspired a number of derivative works, among them being Garfield Minus Garfield, a collection of strips with the title character edited out and Arbuckle effectively speaking to himself.