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On May 26, 2006, an early version of "A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me)", featuring a significantly different beginning from the one on The Makings of Me, was leaked onto the internet via Rate the Music, a website that asks people's opinions on new tracks from various artists. Upon its release, "A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me)" received generally mixed to positive reviews by music critics. Mark Edward Nero from About. com called it "one of the best songs" off The Makings of Me and described it as "a lush, feel-good, midtempo track. " He felt it problematic, however, that the song was "a direct thematic clone of R. Kelly's 'You Remind Me of Something'. " Allmusic's Andy Kellman ranked the song among the standout tracks on the album and called it "practically a replay of the similarly nostalgia-tinted 'So Gone,' albeit a welcomed one. " Ryan Dombal of Entertainment Weekly praised the song's "hints at mature contentment" and "cozy" nature. Boise magazine's Michael Butler declared it "sentimental without being pretentious. "