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Overall reception for Lucky Chloe has been mixed, with Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer observing "Lucky Chloe has already divided the fighting game community, with some criticising her Japanese idol design as uninspired and generic. Others point to the fact the Tekken series, despite being more realistic in terms of hand to hand combat, has a tradition of including outlandish characters, many of which are designed to appeal to a Japanese audience. " Todd Black from ToonZone asked if Tekken 7 "crossed a line" by including Chloe in the game, where he added "For while fighting games may not be “realistic”, they are meant to be believable. Or at least, believable within the context of the world. If you compare Street Fighter to Tekken, you see clear differences between the fighters and their styles. But even in those worlds, what’s believable, and what’s not, is clear. Enter…Lucky Chloe…" Black also stated "She wasn’t believable in the context of Tekken 7. Whether it was her ridiculous outfit, the fact that her hands are essentially padded (and thus won’t have as much striking power as her hands without them), or even her breakdancing fighting style, fans just couldn’t put stock into her. " At WhatCulture, gaming journalist Scott Tailford declared her as the worst character in Tekken 7, commenting "A character that almost feels designed to annoy the hardcore set, Lucky Chloe's aesthetic is already far too influenced by the most stereotypical of eastern tween anime, but in practice, her moveset just doesn't hold up either. " Tailford also criticizes her Rage Art for being "incredibly cheap," due to her "sliding" under other characters before connecting.