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The Silver Samurai and Kenuichio Harada appear as distinctively separate entities in the 2013 film The Wolverine. The former is an adapted version of Silver Samurai named Ichirō Yashida played by Haruhiko Yamanouchi (elderly depiction) and Ken Yamamura (younger depiction). An amalgamation of Ogun and both versions of Silver Samurai from the comics, he is depicted as the Yashida clan's technology empire's original founder, Wolverine's old acquaintance, Shingen Yashida's father, Mariko Yashida's grandfather and Yukio's foster father. As a young man in the Japanese military, Ichirō's life was saved by Logan during the United States' atomic bombing of Nagasaki and even offered his personal sword as gratitude. As an old man dying of cancer, Yashida arranged to be visited by Logan before seemingly passing with a family suit of samurai armor (referred to as the Silver Samurai) at his funeral as a symbolic guardian. Unfortunately, his successor being Mariko instead of Shingen leads to his son's own plans. In actuality, Yashida faked his death and equipped himself into his own giant robotic adamantium Silver Samurai suit which wields a katana and a wakizashi (both of which are adamantium and can generate heat) with Dr. Green and Kenuichio Harada as enforcers. Obsessed with Wolverine's healing factor and immortality, Yashida devised his Silver Samurai armor not only to sustain himself but also to steal Wolverine's healing powers. Even eliminating Harada in his way, he uses his heated adamantium blades to sever Wolverine's adamantium claws which allowed him to extract Wolverine's healing factor via his Silver Samurai armor and regains his youthful form. However, Ichirō gets struck by his granddaughter with Wolverine's broken adamantium claws. As Ichirō loses control of his Silver Samurai armor, Wolverine's regrown bone claws impales Yashida through his chest which made him revert to his elderly form before tossing him to his death in a crevasse below.