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Multiple witnesses began to film the encounter, and their videos were circulated widely on the internet. :4:06 At 8:20, a witness across the street began recording video showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck, Kueng applying pressure to Floyd's torso, and Lane applying pressure to Floyd's legs, while Thao stood nearby. :4:13 :4:11 This witness stopped filming when one of the officers ordered him to leave. :4:35 Also at 8:20, a second person, standing near the entrance of Cup Foods, began recording the incident. :4:26 :5:08 Floyd can be heard repeatedly saying "I can't breathe", "Please", and "Mama"; :4:44 :4:28 Floyd repeated at least 16 times that he could not breathe. :5:46 At one point a witness said: "You got him down. Let him breathe. " After Floyd said, "I'm about to die", Chauvin told him to "relax". An officer asked Floyd, "What do you want?"; Floyd answered, "I can't breathe". Floyd said, "Please, the knee in my neck, I can't breathe. "