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Warrior Nun Areala is a manga-style Canadian comic book character created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press, first appearing in Warrior Nun Areala Vol. 1 #1 in December 1994. The story revolves around Sister Shannon Masters, a member of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a fictional military order of Warrior Nuns and Magic Priests in the service of the Catholic Church. The order was created in 1066 when a Valkyrie named Auria renounced her pagan ways and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation; ever since then, Auria, now Areala, has chosen an avatar every generation to carry on the mission. In modern times, this mission has grown into a global organization in the service of the Catholic Church with the current Areala, Sister Shannon Masters, as the best and brightest of all. With her friends beside her, Sister Shannon has led the forces of good against those of evil, ever serving the Lord with faith and humility. Appearing on and off for 20 years since her first appearance, Warrior Nun Areala is creator Ben Dunn's favorite character.