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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout began its initial prototyping process with a small team, growing to 30 people during development. Initial progress on individual minigames was slow which caused the team to worry that there wouldn't be enough content for launch. A turning point came when the team came up with a group of pillars that "Took the opinions of people out of the occasion" and allowed the developers to "kill ideas faster". Such pillars include making sure a minigame was "50-50 chaos and skill" and that a level had to be "different every time". In an attempt to remain faithful to the game shows they were inspired by, as well as differentiate from first-person shooter battle royale games, Mediatonic's focus was on gameplay variety. By presenting the player with several, randomized rounds of game modes, Mediatonic hoped to recreate the experience of being on a game show. To help keep the "spirit of playground games and game shows", Mediatonic created an internal rule that game modes needed to be explained in three words. Over time, the game underwent numerous other changes. The player count was decreased from 100 to 60, as the games "stopped being readable or fun" when there were too many players competing. To the latter point Mediatonic noted that when testing the game players would overestimate the number of players in a given level stating "we didn’t need as many players as we thought to create the crowds we wanted the gameplay to include. "