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In addition, he noticed that when Black people were depicted, it was usually in a negative light. Research has shown that Black images in the media adversely affect how members of the Black community view themselves. These harmful images are not only seen by the Black community, but by everyone who has access to a media outlet. Although images of Black people have increased in mass media, those images have been disproportionally harmful due to their violent and crime related content. Generally, if Black people are not being depicted as criminals, they are represented as entertainers such as athletes or musicians. Having these two polar identities of a lawless individual and highly adored star leaves a spectrum of people in the Black community unrepresented. While associating Blacks with athleticism is not harmful in itself, it becomes harmful when that is one of the only things Blacks are associated with. This reality led to an ethical need for positive and relatable images of the black community on platforms like social media. Concerned about these issues, Green decided to gain feedback on his idea by going on Tumblr and through those interactions he met Marissa Sebastian, who came up with the name behind the movement and later on became the PR and CEO of the movement, and Tumblr user V. Matthew-King Yarde (known as Nukrik on social media), the creator behind the various logos for the event. Blackout Day was created as a 24-hour event that would expose the online Black community and others on social media to positive images of everyday beautiful Black individuals, through selfies, videos, gifs and other media. Its goal was to shed a positive light on Black individuals and cripple stereotypes. The idea spread quickly once given a name, and gained supporters within the Black Tumblr community. An official website was created [citation needed] to help the online black community access up to date information on when and how it would work. Before the event, the creators posted guidelines on who could participate and how to do so. [citation needed]