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The Redskins relocated to Washington, D. C. , in 1937. Through 1960, the Redskins shared baseball's Griffith Stadium with the first Washington Senators baseball team. In their first game in Washington, the Redskins defeated the New York Giants in the season opener, 13–3. That same season, they earned their first division title in Washington with a 49–14 win over the Giants. Shortly after, the team won their first league championship, defeating the Chicago Bears. In 1940, the Redskins met the Bears again in the 1940 NFL Championship Game. The result, 73–0 in favor of the Bears, remains the worst one-sided loss in NFL history. The other big loss for the Redskins that season occurred in September during the coin toss prior to the Giants game. After calling the coin toss and shaking hands with the opposing team captain, lineman Turk Edwards attempted to pivot around to head back to his sideline. However, his cleats caught in the grass and his knee gave way, injuring him which eventually led to his retirement.