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One day a man by the name of Victor Kennedy (who says he cannot be touched due to a skin condition) interrupts a meeting and points out that LINDA has lost focus. He reinvigorates the group's efforts to locate the Doctor and his companion Rose by teaching them spying techniques. Elton is given the task of getting close to Rose's mother Jackie. He manages to meet Jackie at a laundrette and is invited to her apartment. She tries and fails to seduce him, but when she finds a picture of Rose in Elton's jacket and realises he is after the Doctor, she demands that he leave her alone. Meanwhile, Bridget and Bliss disappear from the group unexpectedly. After a meeting, Elton, Ursula, and Mr Skinner stage a walkout. Victor persuades Mr Skinner to remain behind, but Elton and Ursula leave. Ursula realises she forgot her phone, and she returns with Elton only to discover that Victor is an alien, whom Elton dubs an Abzorbaloff. The Abzorbaloff reveals that he has absorbed the rest of LINDA and wishes to also absorb the Doctor to gain his accumulated experience and knowledge. The Abzorbaloff tricks Ursula into being absorbed as well, revealing that a single touch is enough to absorb a victim, before pursuing Elton.