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The remainder of Rosenbaum's confrontation, and the following incidents with Huber and Grosskreutz, were recorded in cellphone footage from multiple angles, including the moments of the shooting. Video footage showed Rittenhouse being pursued across a parking lot by Rosenbaum, who threw something in Rittenhouse's direction, identified as a plastic bag. As Rittenhouse was running from Rosenbaum, two shots can be heard, one from an unknown third party, fired for an unknown reason, and one from Joshua Ziminski, who fired a self-described "warning shot" into the air, causing Rittenhouse to stop running and turn towards the sound of Ziminski's shot. McGinniss has since stated that the sound of the shot was the moment Rittenhouse "went from running away to aiming his weapon. " Then, according to Kenosha County prosecutors, Rosenbaum managed to engage Rittenhouse and tried to take his rifle from him. Rittenhouse then fired four shots, hitting Rosenbaum in the groin, back, and left hand. The bullets fractured Rosenbaum's pelvis, perforated his right lung and liver, and caused additional minor wounds to his left thigh and forehead. Rittenhouse remained near the fatally wounded Rosenbaum as McGinnis began administering first aid. Rittenhouse then made a phone call and was heard saying "I just killed somebody," and then fled as more protesters arrived.