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In regards to orders restricting non-essential businesses, a memo obtained by Kotaku on March 19 indicated that GameStop saw itself as an essential business because some of its technology products are relevant to enhancing remote work (a practice that has seen expansion due to the pandemic). In a statement later that day, GameStop reiterated the safety measures that it had put in place, and also announced that it would reduce store hours and suspend all trade-ins until at least March 29, and offer curbside pickup. The company stated that it aimed to "continue to provide essential products to our customers that allows them to stay connected, and provide products that allow business and consumers to work remotely", as they were serving the "significant need for technology solutions" at this point in time. [117][116] An employee of a GameStop store in Athens, Georgia (which was shut down on March 20 by order of the police to comply with a similar order in Athens-Clark County) disputed the argument, saying that the high-end, gaming-oriented peripherals (such as keyboards and mice) sold at GameStop were not necessarily essential for remote work, and that cheaper alternatives were readily available at stores allowed to remain open, such as Walmart. [113]