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MLS teams also play in other international and domestic competitions. Every year, four to five MLS teams — four from the U. S. and one from Canada — play in the CONCACAF Champions League against other clubs from the CONCACAF region. Two U. S. -based MLS teams qualify based on regular-season results from the previous year: the teams with the highest point total from each of the two conferences, one of whom is the Supporter's Shield champion. The third U. S. team to qualify is the reigning MLS Cup champion. A fourth U. S. -based MLS team can qualify by winning the U. S. Open Cup. If a team qualifies through multiple berths, or if any of the three MLS berths are taken by a team based in Canada, the berth is reallocated to the highest-placed U. S. -based team in the previous season's overall table that has otherwise not qualified. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver compete against other Canadian sides in the Canadian Championship for the one CONCACAF Champions League berth allocated to Canada.