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Lil Peep began to grow in popularity soon after, with the song "Star Shopping" (later released as a single following his death ) from Lil Peep; Part One making waves in underground hip-hop circles. Lil Peep's popularity continued to grow after the release of the song "Beamer Boy", which led to him performing live for the first time with the rest of Schemaposse in March 2016 in Tucson, Arizona. The following month, Schemaposse broke up and Lil Peep was no longer associated with a collective, though they remained on good terms. Shortly after Schemaposse's breakup, Peep began to associate with Los Angeles-based rap collective Gothboiclique, featuring members of the group on his full-length mixtape Crybaby. The group shared a squat in Skid Row with Peep and often shared beds. Crybaby was recorded in three days with a $150 microphone. He did a majority of the mixing and mastering himself. Crybaby was released in June 2016. Later that month, First Access Entertainment (FAE) partnered with Lil Peep on a joint venture to invest in and advise him on his career.