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While Noonan's speechwriting has been praised, her books and Wall Street Journal columns have been the source of criticism and mockery. Critics have singled out her reliance on personal anecdotes to make broad assertions about current events and changes in American politics and society. In her book What I Saw At The Revolution, she recounts seeing two homeless people outside the White House and then comments: “In Washington in the eighties, as in every American city, the street people no longer tried to arouse an empathy or create a connection that might prompt a hand into a pocket. They often sought to menace… In Washington in the eighties the insane were coolly used to advance ideological aims—cruelty in the name of higher compassion, engineered by men and women who were lauded in the press for their decency and concern. ” On the day prior to the 2012 United States presidential election, Noonan wrote an article on her Wall Street Journal blog predicting a Mitt Romney victory after seeing Romney yard signs during a trip to Florida. Noonan's prediction was the subject of ridicule. In a March 2013 column, she used her experience staying at a short-staffed airport hotel to demonstrate the Obama administration's lack of focus on job creation and infrastructure spending, even though infrastructure was a significant component of Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which Noonan had previously criticized in November 2010. In August 2019, Noonan was mocked for writing a column on Donald Trump's support among Hispanic Americans which centered on a conversation she had with a Dominican friend who worked at the deli counter at her grocery store. In June 2019, Noonan wrote a column about the loyalty of President Trump's supporters that was based on conversations she had with her sister and her uncle.