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The group began working on their second album, Backstreet's Back, in October 1996. They also recorded the song "If You Stay" for the Booty Call soundtrack in the same year, which was released in February 1997. Backstreet's Back was released internationally (except in the U. S. ) on August 11, 1997. Their self-titled U. S. debut album, which consisted of songs from their 1996 international debut album and Backstreet's Back, was released in the U. S. a day later, August 12, 1997. The U. S. self-titled debut peaked at No. 4 on the U. S. album chart and eventually sold 14 million copies. Meanwhile, the second international release, Backstreet's Back, peaked at No. 1 in Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria, selling well over five million copies in Europe alone. The most successful singles from Backstreet's Back and the U. S. debut album were "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "As Long As You Love Me". The two self-titled albums, the international debut and the U. S. debut, sold more than 28 million copies worldwide.