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April Fools' Day is widely celebrated in Odessa and has special local name Humorina. For the first time this holiday arose in 1973. April Fool prank is revealed by saying "Первое Апреля, никому не верю" (which means "April First, trust nobody") at the recipient. The festival includes a large parade in the city center, free concerts, street fairs and performances. Festival participants dress up in a variety of costumes and walk around the city fooling around and pranks with passersby. One of the traditions on fool's day is to dress up the main city monument in funny clothes. Humorina even has its own logo — a cheerful sailor in life ring — whose author was an artist, Arkady Tsykun. During the festival, special souvenirs with a logo are printed and sold everywhere. Since 2010, April Fools' Day celebrations include an International Clown Festival and both celebrated as one. In 2019, the festival was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Odessa Film Studio and all events were held with an emphasis on cinema.