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In March 2020, an episode of Netflix's docuseries Dirty Money labelled Kushner a 'tier-one predator' in an episode titled “Slumlord Millionaire”. One of the predatory strategies adopted by Kushner is referred to in the program as “construction harassment. ” His rental companies initiated "unnecessary large-scale renovations intended to make life so miserable that tenants flee their homes, thus allowing rents to then be jacked up to unaffordable levels. " Another strategy involved pursuing tenants who had previously lived in one of his company's apartments claiming they had not paid rent since they left - in one particular case, up to three years earlier. In 2019, Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, filed a lawsuit accusing the Kushner company of failing to take action on apartments with rodent infestations and forcing tenants to pay illegitimate fees. Court records show properties owned by Kushner are continuing aggressive eviction practices and debt collection lawsuits against tenants who are waiting for government relief due to the COVID-19 crisis.