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The werewolves eventually bring Addison to their den, where they tell her the prophecy, and Addison is excited to be a part of something spectacular. The werewolves give her a full charged moonstone necklace, which they have saved for the Great Alpha. If she puts it on and is truly a werewolf, she will transform into one; shortly thereafter, Zed, Bree, Eliza, and Bonzo find Addison in the wolf den after tracking her, thinking she was in trouble. Zed attempts to save Addison from the werewolves, but Addison tells him she wants to be there and that she has finally found her pack. Zed gets defensive and says that she does not want to be a monster and tells her not to put on the necklace. The werewolves agree to give her one day to decide. They feel an explosion, and it is said that they are destroying the power plant which created the zombies. Addison notes that the building is fueled by a mysterious energy source. If the power plant gets destroyed, it will crush and destroy the moonstone along with it. The next day, Addison shows Zed the necklace and tells him that she is going to put it on, and Zed tells her not to and discretely takes it when she is not looking. When Addison finds the werewolves, she realizes it is missing. Zed goes to his presidential debate against Bucky. He wins over the humans, but when the Z-band shorts out due to Addison's moonstone. Zed becomes a full zombie and everyone runs away screaming, which causes Zed to lose the election.