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In September 2018, she uploaded a second YouTube video featuring her giving a tour of her pastel pink room, while wearing fake braces and thigh-high stockings. Rolling Stone noted that her aesthetic in this second video is more in-line with that of the one she later adopted during her rise to prominence on Instagram; the publication described that aesthetic as "alien Disney princess porn star. " Once she adopted this new online aesthetic, her Instagram account surged from 850,000 followers in November 2018 to 4. 2 million in July 2019. Her content has also featured a notable usage of ahegao facial expressions which are exaggerated, eyes-rolled-back expressions that signify an orgasm, and often featured in adult anime. Kirschner additionally produces cosplay content, as she has cosplayed characters such as Harley Quinn and D. Va. Complex further described the nature of Kirschner's content, detailing that "along with her more traditional photos, she has posted clips of herself coyly eating a raw egg, shell and all. A scroll through her feed is just as likely to find colorful thirst traps as it is to see photos of her playing with a dead octopus. "