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After living for a couple of years in Los Angeles, he opened the first HUF Worldwide store in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco in 2002 with his then wife, Anne Freeman, at her suggestion using the nickname he had already used on his skateboard decks and T-shirts. A pioneer of streetwear, it carried rare sneakers and clothing by Supreme and other boutique fashion houses, and also art by other skateboarders and artists such as Aaron Rose and Haroshi. The boutique expanded into a chain based in Los Angeles and with stores in Texas, New York, and several in Japan, and by 2007 to a lifestyle brand, selling activewear labeled with an "H" plus in some cases an irreverant collection motto such as "Dirtbag Crew" or "Fuck It". A sculpture by Haroshi of a raised middle finger, in the company's Los Angeles store, was destroyed in the protests following George Floyd's killing by police; Hufnagel responded by producing a T-shirt to benefit the Black Lives Matter movement.